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Christine is undoubtedly the most professional real estate broker I have ever met. We quickly knew that we had confidence in her and in her opinions. We have made three referrals to her as evidence of our high level of confidence. Reasons for this high level of confidence include:

1. Knowledge of how to advertise our home using various on-line media such as Zillow, U-Tube, etc. 2. Proactive use of letters to local neighbors to facilitate inquiries. 3. The large number of listings and closings she has had during the past 6 months, demonstrating that her ability to advertise our home “paid off”. This fact also gave us confidence in her abilities. 4. Friendly and helpful approach. 5. The fact that she is a “full-time” agent and not someone who does real estate as a hobby. 6. Reasonable focus regarding “staging”. Did not go overboard.

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